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Wall Art Ideas for Your Apartment

Palmer View Blog, Palmer Township, PA  Bring excitement and personality to your apartment's blank walls by trying these wall art ideas this summer.


Dressing up your walls in your apartment here at Palmer Township is a great way to showcase your personality in your Palmer Township, PA home. Use washi tape and no-damage wall hooks to hang your things for a stress-free decorating session. Get inspired by reading through and trying the wall art decor ideas in our blog.


Showcase your accomplishments.

Your hard work deserves some praise, even if it’s for and by yourself! Whether you want to hang a diploma or a piece of art you’re proud of, these are great ways to express yourself and opportunities to talk about something you love with anyone who asks. We love the way Susanna-Cole King does this through her photo wall gallery display as showcased on Design Sponge.


Document your travels.

Most all of us have at least a little bit of wanderlust running through our veins. Embrace that and decorate with mementos of your travels or of prints of your favorite places. Try or get the creative juices flowing for how to do so with these travel wall decor ideas from Pinterest.


Use garlands.

You can make a garland as personalized to you, as crafty or chic looking, and as rustic or modern as you wish by coming up with a concept and finding the materials in your closet or at a craft store near you. We love this cascading paper flower garland from Lia Griffith. Make a theme of your garlands so you can switch them out according to the season and your decorating style.


Make illusions with mirrors.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Use that fact to your advantage by finding one that suits the aesthetic of your room. Then add dimension to your decorating by finding another in a contrasting size, and maybe another in between, so you can make an impact in one wall. See how the artist does it in Lushome’s article on decorating empty walls with modern wall decor.


Add texture.

A wall is usually smooth, cold, and flat. Bring texture, warmth, and life to your walls by using your favorite fabrics and patterns in your decor. For example, fall a wall tapestry or hanging you love, or spell out your love literally with this “love” wrapped yarn wall art tutorial. Play with shapes and fabric patterns by making custom canvas wall art in a few steps. Experiment to find something you’ll love all year.


What are your favorite ways to decorate your walls? Share your ideas in the comments! Thanks for reading.