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Tips for Spring Cleaning

Palmer View Blog, Palmer Township, PA  Get yourself ready to tackle spring cleaning your apartment by trying out the tips and guidelines in today's blog!


Springtime is here in Palmer Township, PA, and so is the time to get your Palmer View apartment looking, smelling, and feeling just the way you want it to! You can deep clean any time of the year, and ideally, you’ll do upkeep every week or so to make deep cleaning easier. But start deep cleaning this month to give yourself a clean slate. Try these ideas and tips!


Set a schedule.

Impromptu cleaning can get a lot done, but it’s easy to get worn out by just the regular cleaning you need to keep up with and overwhelmed by the extra ones you find on your plate for spring cleaning. So take time right now to map out your cleaning schedule according to what you want to do and how long you think it normally takes you to get through each task.


Set a goal to accomplish one overarching chore per week so you can easily do smaller chores each day to reach that goal. For example, devote the first week to decluttering your apartment, the second to taking care of main chores (like vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning surfaces), the third to conquering laundry, and the fourth to detailing (dusting, vacuuming edges of rooms, cleaning baseboards, and shining stainless steel).


Clean smartly.

Use the right products with the right materials to ensure you’re making your efforts count. Make your own cleaners or make use of products you already have in your home to do so. For example, baking soda is great for getting out stains, removing odors, and helping things shine, and lemons can be good for removing water stains. Use long brushes or scrubbers with retractable handles for cleaning your shower so you can easily cover all of the shower walls. Find more cleaning hacks by trying these 6 easy ways to clean baseboards, these tips for removing hard water stains, and this guide for cleaning blinds.  


Clean spots you never clean.

Spring cleaning is for cleaning your entire home, so take your time. Keep going when you’re finished with one chore so you can make your home as clean as possible. Clean those things you never get to. Vacuum and wipe down baseboards behind furniture. Clean your ceiling fans, vents, and lights. Purge items you no longer wear or need from your closet. Clean your mattress, and clean your car! Whatever you think of, do it now so you can cross it off your list and feel great.


What are your best tips for getting through spring cleaning efficiently? Let us know your ideas by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you find success making your apartment shine with these and any other tips you come up with.