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Pumpkin Decorating with Less Mess

pumpkin decorating with paint

It’s October, and Palmer Township is greeting the fall weather! It’s that time of the year again: the time to find the perfect pumpkin and decorate it for the season or the upcoming Halloween holiday! Our Palmer View Blog has alternative decorating options to share to avoid the mess and time-consuming cleanup associated with carving pumpkins.

Don’t get us wrong: we love carving pumpkins, and if you want to go that route, go for it! But the messy process can leave your apartment kitchen in a state of disaster, and the cleanup can be a pain, sometimes taking longer than the actual carving! If you want to avoid that, try these alternative ways to decorate your pumpkin.


Use acrylic paint and get as elaborate and creative as you want! Create a lovely hand-painted floral pumpkin with the help of this tutorial from Craftberry Bush. Paint your mini pumpkins to look like sprinkled donuts with these tips from Studio DIY!. The possibilities are endless!

Permanent Marker

Break out some permanent markers and easily decorate your pumpkin with hardly any mess at all! Draw on a face or create an intricate pattern! Get some cool ways to decorate your pumpkin with a permanent marker to make your pumpkins look awesome with little hassle.

Nail Polish

Make something colorful by following this step-by-step DIY nail polish marbled pumpkins tutorial from Say Yes. Put that nail polish you have lying around your house to good use with this fun craft.


Add glitter accents to your pumpkin to make it sparkle! Use glue and your favorite color of glitter to make a pattern, cover part of your pumpkin, or coat the entire pumpkin in glitter! Get your glitter fix and go all out with this glitter pumpkin tutorial from Two Sisters Crafting.


Use wax crayons to decorate your pumpkin, but probably not in the way you think. Follow this Crayon drip art pumpkin tutorial from The Swell Designer to create a colorful and fun pumpkin. All you will need is a large white pumpkin, 16 to 20 crayons, tacky glue, a trash bag or surface covering, and a blow dryer. This craft is fun and easy, and it looks super cool when finished! Use dark colors for a spooky effect.

What are your favorite no-carving required ways to decorate pumpkins? Share them with us in the comments! Thanks for reading our blog!