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Journal Prompts for Your Mental Health

Palmer View Blog, Palmer Township, PA  Give yourself some tender love and care by journaling! Answer these prompts to be more aware of your mental and emotional health this month.


Welcome back to the Palmer View Blog! Back in February we offered a few ideas for hobbies to try to spice up your year here in Palmer Township, PA. One of them we mentioned was to research your genealogy and start your own personal history in a journal. Today we’re delving further into journaling and suggesting some journal prompts you can answer if you’re in the need of introspection or of dealing positively with your mental health. Try them and observe the effects!


Do a worry purge.

Sometimes you just need to let everything that’s troubling you out. Do so in a safe place like a journal. Set aside a set time — say, five minutes, for example — and write down everything that’s on your mind. You don’t have to go into details, as that can make things loom larger in your mind. Write out topics and feelings. Then take a step back and see what you can let go of and what you can start making plans to tackle.


Observe your surroundings.

If you find yourself starting to panic, pull out your journal and jot down five things you can see, four you can touch, three you hear, two you smell, and one you can taste. Especially helpful for anxiety attacks, grounding yourself helps you focus on the present and on taking yourself out of a bad place into a real, non-threatening one. Even if you can’t get yourself to write it all down, simply looking can be a huge help.


Write a thank-you letter to your body.

Everyone’s body is different, and that’s great! In a time like now when it’s easy to hate your body, it’s especially important to challenge this and practice positive self-talk, making it a part of you. Think about what you like and appreciate about your body and what it empowers you to do. Take note of the things, maybe even scars, that tell stories about you and what you’ve survived and become a victor over.


Does journaling help you deal with your mental health struggles? What else does? Share your ideas with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below with your most meaningful experiences. Thanks for reading! We hope these ideas help you this month.