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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

A group of people eating around a table under a tree outside

This month is the food lover’s favorite holiday! Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November and we just can’t wait to enjoy the delicious food and desserts. If you’re the lucky host this year, we’ve got some help for you. This month’s blog post is all about how to host Thanksgiving dinner in your Palmer View apartment, but we think it translates well for any other dinner you might be hosting. These tips come from Betty Crocker, the expert herself!

Delegate tasks. The key to the success of any feast meal is having a repertoire you can master, so assign some side dishes and dessert to guests while you focus on the main trio: turkey, gravy and stuffing. If you’re feeling confident, add one or two other dishes.

Bird is the word. Turkeys can be finicky, so build in an extra hour more than the recipe time to give your bird a half-hour to rest and give you an extra half-hour in case it takes longer to cook. If the bird is finished ahead of time, no big deal—you can keep it warm in a foil-covered pan.

Dish it up. Set your table or buffet one or two days ahead of time to make sure you have enough utensils, dishes and glassware. Include clean serving platters and bowls so they’re ready for transferring sides from the oven or a guest’s tin-foil pan. This will also save you time in those last minutes before dinner is served.

Don’t be afraid to learn from trial and error here. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth gathering, there’s always something that might go wrong. There’s a lot of pressure on holiday meals. Go with the flow and remember to be a gracious host. If all else fails, pizza for dinner makes some hilarious memories and your guests will still leave with full bellies! Thanks for reading. We hope you have a great holiday whether you’re at your Palmer Township, PA apartment or across the country.