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Halloween Costume Ideas

three girls dressed as witches

Get yourself ready for your Halloween celebrations in your apartment, at work, at school, or elsewhere in Palmer Township, PA by planning a great costume before time is up! Today the Palmer View Blog is bringing residents suggestions for Halloween costumes to try. Have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!


A memorable character or person from your culture or pop culture in general is a good choice, especially if you’re part of a group costume. For example, everyone could dress up as a character from The Wizard of Oz or The Addams Family or even as characters from a movie or franchise such as Toy Story. For more ideas, browse through the groups and theme pages at Halloween Express.


Show off your adventurous side by portraying something you’ve done and the look that comes with it! We love this hot air balloon rider idea from Style Me Pretty. Cut the bottom out of a cardboard box to make the basket. Attach helium balloons to your basket and add a few decorative touches. Then just find goggles and a bomber jacket and you’re ready to go! Or get inspired by Creatively Christy to turn yourself into the flying house from Disney Pixar’s movie UP!


Punny costumes are some of our favorites. They can be as simple as you like or more involved to leave an impact. This punny raining men costume only requires a bit of time and the right supplies to put together. Find rain gear, a printer, a sewing needle, and fishing line. Print out two photos of each man you’re going to be using so they can be seen at all angles. Then attach them to the fishing line and sew it to the ends of your umbrella for a flashy costume you can easily set down when you’re working.

Makeup Looks

If you’re handy with a makeup brush, you can make a truly outstanding costume without too much fuss. Check out how this person channeled Scar, try this pop art makeup tutorial, follow the directions for this mermaid makeup tutorial, or get inspired by this pixelated image art for a look everyone will be fawning over.

Check out 45 more DIY Halloween costume ideas from Good Housekeeping if these aren’t for you, or check out a costume shop near your apartment for something you can pick up easily.

However you get your costume for Halloween put together, we know you’ll rock it! Thanks for reading today’s post!