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Celebrate National Bike Month: Bike to Work!

Palmer View Blog, Palmer Township, PA  Put your biking skills to the test this summer by biking to work! Try these tips to prepare for a successful commute.


Welcome back to the Palmer View Blog! It’s May, and that means it’s also National Bike Month. In our previous post we offered up ideas for being environmentally conscious, one being to make wise transportation decisions. Today we’re delving a little deeper into that concept and talking about biking to work here in Palmer Township, PA! Try these tips to make biking your new method of commute this summer.


Get Your Equipment

To bike to work you’ll of course need a bike and any other items for your biking safety and efficiency. Check out Bike Radar’s helpful guide on the best bikes for commuting to find a bike that works for your budget and for your situation. While you’re gathering your gear, don’t forget to find a helmet that fits, knee and elbow pads, and cycling clothes so you don’t have to get your work clothes sweaty or dirty. Find your gear, answers to questions, and help tuning your bike at these bike shops in Palmer Township, PA.


Plan Your Route

Use an app for cycling or a GPS like Google Maps to find your best route. This may or may not be the one you use for driving to work. It may even include using public transportation. Be open to new ideas and take a free day to drive it to see what road conditions to expect. Take note of hills and mileage so you’re not blindsided when you leave your apartment.


Work Up to the Task

Your first ride to and from work might take the wind out of you if you’re not used to the extra exercise. But don’t give up! It’s going to take a little while to get used to the learning curve, so feel free to take your time. Leave early enough so you don’t have to rush, and start out by commuting a few days a week until you feel comfortable with the ride and can commit to more.


Do you bike — for fun or for your commute? What other biking tips do you have for us? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck.