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Apartment Etiquette to Remember for National Courtesy Month

a beagle dog looks at another beagle dog

Palmer View welcomes all looking for an apartment they can be comfortable in and proud of here in Township, PA. This week on the blog we’re highlighting how you can take part in National Courtesy Month this month and always by practicing certain principles of apartment etiquette. Read on for great reminders!

Be a good neighbor.

There’s so much that goes into being a good neighbor that we could write a separate blog post for it (and all the other topics in this post). But let’s bring ourselves back to the basics: consider others’ needs, comfort, and habits as you go about your life and have fun here. Communicate with your neighbors and be willing to make adjustments to accommodate them. If you’re having people over for a game night, for example, consider how late they may stay and how loud they may be, and let your neighbors know if you’re worried it might bother them.

Also don’t underestimate the power of simply talking to your neighbors, being willing to lend a helping hand, sharing a plate of extra cookies, or simply smiling in passing. These actions and more do a lot to make the community more inviting for everyone.

Be a good pet owner.

Our apartment community is pet-friendly, but remember to be polite and courteous of others with your pets, as well. Address problems like barking or scratching. Try these 11 tips for introducing dogs to new people and other dogs so your pet can feel comfortable and safe around others. And always clean up after your pet, especially when you’re out and about.

Respect common areas.

Anytime you’re using a community area like a pool, dining area, entertainment lounge, conference center, fitness center, or club room, be mindful of others. Wash your hands and pick up after yourself. Encourage anyone who is with you to clean up messes and to handle equipment properly. And always notify management of problems you encounter, especially if it has to do with the amenities on-site.

What other apartment living courtesy tips and practices are important to you? Let us know in the comments. We hope these suggestions improve the comfort of everyone in the community.